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 Perpetual Rosary Crusade For the Holy Father

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PostSubject: Perpetual Rosary Crusade For the Holy Father   Perpetual Rosary Crusade For the Holy Father I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 07, 2008 8:17 am

Perpetual Rosary Crusade For the Holy Father
and for the Liberation of Catholic Tradition
Between August 15 and December 8, 2008

What does it consist of?

It consists of a continuous rosary being said 24 hours a day, seven days a week between the feasts of the Assumption and the Immaculate Conception this year throughout the SSPX District of Asia.
What is the purpose of this Crusade?

1) We are in the last months of the Marian year, of the 150th anniversary of Lourdes. Many people have not yet done anything special during this year to honor Our Blessed Lady. Now is a good opportunity! She wants, she needs our rosaries for her Triumph!

2) Bishop Fellay, the SSPX Superior General, is asking for it.

“If now I launch a perpetual Crusade, it is because today we must consent to an effort which is not momentary but constant and persevering, at the level of what is at stake. The battle for the faith cannot be fought with one-day, or intermittent soldiers. We need tough faithful.

This battle is going to be one in length, but for very precise objects: last time, we prayed for the liberation of the Holy Mass (note: with the spiritual bouquet of 2 ½ million rosary) now, we are asking the Blessed Virgin the withdrawal of the decree of excommunication, that is the liberation of Tradition. Later on, we will have other objectives, other intentions for our prayers.

This crusade, like the previous one, must be well organized by the priests in their priories and chapels. Each faithful must have the possibility to sign in and must commit himself for a rosary at a precise time of the day and for a well defined length of time: a month, a trimester…

With the number and the geographical location of the faithful attached to Tradition worldwide, we are sure that at every hour of the day and of the night there will be souls who will be praying for the liberation of Tradition in this huge Perpetual Rosary.”

(Interview in Nouvelles de Chrétienté No. 111, May – June 2008, p.11)
How will this Crusade be organized?

1) Master grids (with every hour divided in blocks of 15 min.) are being sent throughout Asia to our priories and apostolic groups. Each priest and or person in charge will try to fill in the grid as much as possible with the people under his responsibility.

These grids (partially or fully completed) will be sent to Singapore by August 11 at the latest in order to be consolidated and make sure there are no ‘holes’ in the perpetual rosary.

The combine grid will be posted on line in our website and updated gradually.

2) Fill out the little form and 1) either send it to us in Singapore by email, or b) to the priest or person in charge of filling the grid in your chapel or apostolic group

3) This commitment doesn’t require extra rosaries, but simply to say the rosary at a fixed time. You can of course say more at any time!

4) We will use the Singapore time zone (GMT+8 ) as our base. Other time zones will be incorporated in this. For ex. Midnight in Singapore is the same as 05:00 in New Zealand, or 21:30 in India. We will make no changes when time changes in most countries in October.

Make a copy of the little form below for yourself to remember your commitment. Give another copy to the priest in charge of your mass or mass center or to the person in charge of your apostolic group (Legion of Mary, Knights of Our Lady, Apostles of Mary, etc.) or email back to us.

“There is no problem, however difficult it may be, whether temporal or spiritual,
personal or familial, national or international,

that cannot be solved by the prayer of the Rosary!”(Sister Lucy)

“Peter therefore was kept in prison.
But prayer was made without ceasing by the church unto God for him.” (Acts 12, 5)

God bless!

Fr. Daniel Couture
District Superior for Asia
Perpetual Rosary Crusade
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Perpetual Rosary Crusade For the Holy Father
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