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 Let us talk about books!

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Louise Bernadette
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PostSubject: Let us talk about books!   Fri Dec 03, 2010 3:25 am

I have just recently finised reading all of Charlotte Bronte's novels, two of which though ("The Professor" and "Villette") are decidedly anti-Catholic. In Bronte's eyes Catholics are great liars and ruins the best children of the world. Nevertheless, in another book, "Jane Eyre", she acknowledges the virtues of the "Roman religion" -- as she calls the Catholic Church ; the piety and steadfast endurance it effects upon its adherants.

"Shirley", her thrird but second published novel, is simple narrative of young girl's life who was abandoned by its mother and reared by its parson-uncle, Mr. Helstone.

Currently, I am now reading Bronte's bio by her friend Mrs. Elizabeth Gaskell. Afterwards I plan to read Frances Burney's works starting with her epistolary-novel, "Evelina".
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Let us talk about books!
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